Volunteer Application

Without all the volunteers, Arizona Greyhound Rescue would not exist.

Volunteers donate their time, talent, and money so that more retired racing greyhounds can be saved. Our entire effort, and every single dog saved, comes from volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the application below. If you would like a paper version of this application, please call 520-886-7411 or request it by email.

Volunteer Code of Conduct - All volunteers must agree and abide by AGR's Code of Conduct to protect what is most important to the organization: the hounds. AGR's Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.

Liability Waiver - All volunteers must also sign the liability of waiver form, which can be downloaded here.

AGR welcomes young volunteers but please read first. The minimum age is 12, no exceptions. Volunteers ages 12 to 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during all volunteer experiences. Volunteers who are ages 16 to 17 must have parental permission.

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  I am at least 18 years old.
Volunteers from age 13 to 17 will be accepted with parent's permission and accompanied by an adult volunteer.

The following information is just to get to know you. AGR will not release it.
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Please mark all areas where you would like to volunteer: release it.
  Kennel - We currently do not have kennel volunteers.

Fostering is very rewarding. Helping a dog from the track become an awesome pet. There are several ways to foster.
  Foster - Teaching a dog from the track house manners to ensure that the dog will find aforever home. Often a 3 month or more commitment.
  Respite - Fostering a dog while it recovers from medical issues or for the foster family. Usually a shorter time than full time fostering.
  Emergency - Short time fostering if there is an emergency concerning the foster family or adopter.

Meet and Greets - Bring a foster dog or your own greyhound to venues to meet the public. Help educate the public and potential adopters about how wonderful greyhounds are as pets. All Meet and Greets are scheduled from 11am to 1 pm.

Transportation - Transport kennel or foster dogs.
  Adoption Coordinator - Screens adoption applications, calls prospective adopters, deliver dogs, and mentors after adoption.
  Home Checker - Checks prospective adopter’s house to educate the adopter and look forgreyhound hazards.
  Educational Outreach - Shows dogs in nursing homes, schools, churches, civic groups, children and retirement communities. To create awareness about greyhounds as pets and AGR’s mission.

Fundraising - Help raise funds for AGR to find forever homes, pay for kennel expenses, food, and veterinary care and expense for running a nonprofit rescue.
  Dog Wash   Newsletter Appeal   Silent Auctions/Raffles   Other Activities
If other, please specify

Public Relations - Help share AGR’s mission and available dogs through print, radio, TV, etc.
  Reseach   Find Spoonsors and Donors
  Seek Public Service Announcements for TV or Radio   Write News Releases
  Oversee Facebook/Twitter/Flickr

Thank you! We hope you get involved to help the greyhounds!