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Welcome to our updated resources portion of the website. We hope you will find it useful. This page lists greyhound adoption resources, books (greyhound owner manuals), CG magazine, Greyhound Network News, greyhound discussion lists, greyhound informational websites, and how to research your greyhound’s history.


Adopt a Greyhound Project 
Lots of information about adopting greyhounds. Great information about the special health needs of greyhounds and tips for new owners.

Greyhound 2014 Badge

BOOKS (Owner’s Manual)

Adopting the Racing Greyhounds (Amazon)
The retired racer’s bible filled with information to better understand this special breed by Cynthia Branigan.

Greyhound Guide 
Everything there is to know about greyhounds but were afraid to ask. Happy reading.

Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies (Amazon)
Comprehensive guide to all things about racing greyhounds


CG Magazine
CG Magazine (Celebrating Greyhounds) is an award winning breed specific glossy magazine that is all about greyhounds. Every issue is packed with behavioral, medical, heart-warming and humorous articles. Published quarterly, it’s only available via subscription and all profits benefit from the Adopt-a-Greyhound Project.


The biggest discussion list around with about 3,000 members worldwide. Opt for the digest version.

A wonderful resource for new adopters as well as seasoned greyhound owners. The GreyTalk community is a friendly group of over 400 greyhound lovers who love to share stories, ideas, and pictures of their hounds.


Bay Area Greyhounds
All About Greyhounds: excellent information about retired racers!

Greyhound Advice
Advice for new adopters, seasoned adopters and medical advice

Greyhound Health
Valley Fever 
So what is Valley Fever and how do you know that your dog may have contracted this disease?

Greyhound Health
Suzanne Stack, D.V.M./Arizona offers a wealth of information about your greyhound’s health including the hard to interpret blood panel.

Holland Greyhound Rescue
An adoption group in Holland shows their approach to greyhound rescue (in Dutch - Google will translate it for you)

Spanish Greyhounds
Galgos del Sol is a registered, charity in Murcia, Spain. GdS rescues and rehabilitates abandoned and injured galgos for placement in forever homes in the UK, Europe, and US. In Spain, these hounds are bred solely for hunting, and thousands of galgos are abandoned or killed annually at the end of each short season.
Scooby is an organization devoted to rescuing the Galgos of Spain and places them for adoption.

Recall Alert! Response Products Voluntarily Recalls Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Dogs Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

Pet Loss Hotline
For anyone who wants to talk about their thoughts and feelings related to the loss of their pet. This service is provided FREE by a volunteer who has had many years of experience working with bereaved pet guardians and their families. You will hear a recorded message that asks for your name, your pet’s name, pet’s species, and phone number. Your call will be returned usually within a few hours. Call Chrysanne Fife, M.A., (520) 304-3904 (local to Tucson)


Greyhound Breeding and Racing Database 
Greyhound Data presents the largest online database of racing greyhounds.


Lost Pet USA Logo
  Bissell Logo BISSELL knows that your pets are important members of your families. Losing a pet can be one of the scariest situations you experience as a pet parent. Fortunately, has the essential tools to help reunite lost and found pets with their families. The free online and mobile service offers a searchable, nationwide registry to connect owners and finders with recently reported lost & found pets, as well as many resources and tools for pet parents to use if their beloved pet ever becomes astray.


Pet Wants Tucson
Pet Wants Tucson, 2961 E Wetstones Rd., Vail, AZ 85641 delivers fresh pet food to your door when you need it and only how much you need for the same price as most premium commercial pet food you would buy at the store.


Pet Designs
Locally-owned by greyhound-friendly Kevin Sarullo, this midtown shop will pamper your hound in style; appointments required but you can walk in to have your hound’s nails trimmed. Located at 2549 E Broadway; 323-9599. Kevin has trimmed nails at various AGR events.


Located in Tucson near Prince and I-10, Sol.Dog provides effective and affordable canine services to Tucson and surrounding areas. They are committed to helping you build and maintain a balanced, enjoyable relationship with your dog. (520) 255-1696


At-Home Kennels
At-Home Kennels' offers affordable boarding rates, but most importantly we pride ourselves on providing your pets clean and friendly accommodations from a loving staff of care givers. (520) 722-3162

Lazy Grey Ranch
Located in Sahuarita, the ranch offers a greyhound-friendly environment with all the amenities of home like soft dog beds and stuffy toys and splash pools. (520) 762-8895

Located in Tucson near Prince and I-10, Sol.Dog provides effective and affordable canine services to Tucson and surrounding areas. They are committed to helping you build and maintain a balanced, enjoyable relationship with your dog. (520) 255-1696


Kelsey Williams
(484) 643-3117

Doggie Diva Pet Care 
Doggie Diva Pet Care offers clients freedom and peace of mind about traveling and leaving their pets home while they are away.


Pet Friendly Apartment Listings

There's no need to give up your beloved pets when faced with a move.  Here's a resource to help you find pet friendly apartment housing.

ApartmentList - Tucson
Find pet-friendly housing in Tucson!