Born: Aug/2006
Color: Fawn
Gender: Female
Housing: Foster
Cats: No
Small Dogs: Yes
Status: ADOPTED!
FOSTER UPDATE: Dibby, recently placed in foster care, is thriving in a home environment. She still has some puppy energy but is being trained not to jump and learn what’s hers to chew and what’s off limits. Dibby is housetrained but sometimes has accidents if her foster is away from the home for more than 7 hours. Dibby sleeps next to her foster’s bed and enjoys being held on her foster’s lap. She will growl while chewing on a bone if she thinks someone is going to steal it. Dibby does not need crating as she is not destructive in the home and doesn’t mind being left alone with her doggie room mate. She barks moderately, usually at loud noises, but does not show fear. Dibby enjoys riding in the car, walks well on the leash, and is healthy. Dibby knows her name, and is an absolute lover who enjoys tummy rubs.