Born: Oct/2009
Race name: Goin Full Throttle
Color: Brindle Greyhound
Gender: Male
Housing: Foster
Cats: TBD
Small Dogs: TBD
Weight: 82
Status: ADOPTED!
Throttle is a very big and happy brindle boy! He is new to Tucson and we are happy that he will be joining the AGR family. Throttle raced 110 times, resulting in 10 wins and 18 second places. This big guy wants to come home with you and sleep on your couch. From Throttle's foster dad: I am currently fostering Throttle and he is doing quite well. He is great on a leash, once he gets into the groove, and he has great house manners. He is still learning to be an independent dog but I think with enough time he'll fall into it. He also has no problem going up and down stairs even the ones without backs. He hasn't had too much exposure to other dogs or children but it seems as though he is indifferent to large dogs and skittish around small dogs. He is loveable, playful, and would be a wonderful companion for anyone! *** Congratulations to Throttle and his new family! CONGRATULATIONS TO THROTTLE!! HE IS THE FIRST AGR HOUND TO BE ADOPTED IN 2014! A very big and happy brindle boy, Throttle retired after racing 110 times, resulting in 10 wins and 18 second places. He will now be taking a well-deserved rest on Janice and family's couch.