Born: Mar/2009
Race name: Halo Busy Man
Color: Black
Gender: Male
Housing: Kennel
Cats: No
Small Dogs: N/A
Weight: 75
Status: ADOPTED!
Halo, Busy, Busy Man, whatever his name, he'll take it as long as you take him home with you.  Halo was retired because he was running too slow.  Halo walked very well on the leash and was easy to handle, which means he'll be quick to learn the new rules of a home-life.  His home though, can not have a cat since he was not-so-nice to them at the vet's office.  Halo is eager to learn more life lessons though!  Since he's still at the kennel, Halo has not been accepted into a home-program yet.  Is anyone offering a Master's in Couch Potato-ing?