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Forever Home Notes

This page is dedicated to the adopters and their greyhounds who bring the best of both worlds together to create enduring relationships and homes filled with happiness and contentment. Send your photo and story to webmaster.


Our newest boy, Ty, has decided it's perfectly okay to make himself right at home - even if that means he's hogging the cushions from his hound sister, Yuma.  Ty has discovered that roaching and stretching work well to ensure he gets the comfiest spot in the house all to himself! Anne Marie King


We adopted Marley about two months ago. He loves being a part of our family and we love him so much. He loves to lie on Ian's bed with his dog buddies -- Goblin and Sadie. He's our first greyhound and we are so amazed at his wonderful personality!  Ali Boelts


Dani (Danica) is my fourth hound. Two went over the Rainbow Bridge, but I still have Merrill and now Dani, who I got two weeks ago.  Unlike most greyhounds I've had, Dani didn't whine and pace for 5 or 6 hours after her arrival. She found a doggie bed and laid down with her squeaky toy. An evening thunderstorm convinced her that she'd like to get a little closer to a comforting presence, so she slipped behind Merrill and snuggled up. Dani is in the rear with her head up. Maeve Robertson


Drifter is a true “ambassadog” - his favorite thing in the whole world (aside from a good nap) is interacting with people.  He lives the adage "a stranger is just a friend you have yet to meet".  When we are out walking and see a friend or one of his beloved neighbors, his whole body shimmies, his ears start flapping up and down, his tail starts whipping around, and he makes his "Chewbacca sound" (half roo-half attempt to speak like a human) in between great big toothy smiles.  If we see someone new, his excitement is only slightly tempered and he becomes 75 pounds of love waiting to be unleashed.  He has an uncanny ability to identify people with hearts as big as his and use them to practice his leaning.

Drifter's exuberance and sweet, adoring gaze have made him a favorite in our neighborhood, the dog park and even at the vet's office. Whenever his martingale and lead come out, he does his "I'm a lucky dog" dance, but, in fact, I am the lucky one because at the end of the day when he settles in for the night and wants to snuggle, I am the grateful recipient of his big heart and adoring gaze. Tejinder Grewal


Ty is doing great, his leg is almost totally healed.  He is able to walk on all four feet, and use all four feet most of the time when he is running.  We made it up to my son's in record time, 600 miles in three days to be exact; Ty traveled very well as I knew he would.

Ty really enjoyed running around my son's backyard with Pepper, my son's Miniature Schnauzer.  Ty has a whole toy box full of toys, and has a lot of fun with them.  Ty is a joy to be around day and night, as he really enjoys playing with his toys and me. Carol Buchanan

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