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How You Can Help Arizona Greyhound Rescue!

You can now donate online, by mail, and through your employer.

Please Donate to AGR

Thank you for your generous and continued support! Because of our wonderful contributors, Arizona Greyhound Rescue is able to help place many sighthounds, including greyhounds, into permanent homes that will give these elegant creatures the kind of life that they so richly deserve.

As we continue to get more hounds off of the race track, to care for hounds with special needs, to care for hounds surrendered to us, and to cover our boarding costs and the increasing veterinary costs, we ask for your continued support. We are a non-profit, all volunteer-run organization and our continued existence depends on your help and generosity.

Year after year, we count on your donations to make a difference in the lives of all sighthounds.

1) Donate using your credit card. Join our Monthly Roos Circle of Champions... your information will be handled securely via SafeSave™. Or make a One-Time Donation.

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We need your help NOW more than ever!

For more information, please contact development@azgreyhoundrescue.org

2) Donate by mailing your donation.

Your check payable to:
Arizona Greyhound Rescue
8987 E. Tanque Verde Rd., PMB 309/153
Tucson, AZ 85749

3) Donate through payroll deduction.

If your company has an employee combined appeal program (sometimes referred to as ECAP) that allows charitable giving through payroll deductions, you can designate a donation straight from your check to AGR. This tax-deductible amount will be donated to AGR everytime you receive a paycheck - how easy is that!

Please search for "Arizona Greyhound & Animal Rescue Fund" using your company's charitable giving website or by calling the payroll department.

4) Double Your Donation.

Employee Matching Gifts are donations a company makes to match its employees’ charitable contributions. Employee matching gifts are typically at a dollar-for-dollar rate but some companies go even further by tripling or quadrupling their employees’ donations.

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If needed, our non-profit organization ID # is 86-0761748

Check Out Current Events and Fundraisers

Every month Arizona Greyhound Rescue incurs huge operating expenses. We lease commercial kennel and pay for all the hounds’ medical needs, including broken legs and other maladies.

Every donated dollar translates into food, shelter, or medical treatment, and is tax-deductible. Here’s a close approximation as to how we spend our funds based on one dog:

  • $400-$500 – Boarding for one month
  • $1,000 – Veterinary fees, including blood work, spay/neutering, dental cleaning, wellness, microchip, and parasite treatments

Most dogs are adopted within 2 to 4 months. Special needs dogs can be with us as much as a year. The longer the dog is with us, the higher the expenses climb.


Costs increase for dogs that come to us with injuries, illnesses, or other medical problems. But... that moment when a hound finds a loving, responsible forever home and the new adopter falls in love with their new dog -- PRICELESS!

Your generosity can help give greyhounds a new lease on life!

Every retired racing greyhound deserves a wonderful home, don't you think?

Thank you for your support!