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Every greyhound needs a home, but not every home needs a greyhound. We do not adopt our greyhounds as first come first served; but rather, we make an educated and conscientious attempt in matching the right dog with the right home.

In an effort to match each greyhound with his or her best possible home, Arizona Greyhound Rescue has a multi-step adoption process that allows our volunteers to get to know potential adopters, and to provide the information and support necessary to ensure a successful placement. Read more about the adoption process

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Born: 2013
Race name: NA
Color: White and Black Lurcher
Gender: Male
Housing: Kennel
Cats: No
Small Dogs: Yes
Weight: 66
Status: Specialty Program
Justin is a lurcher from the Ohio Lurcher Project. He is 7/8 greyhound and most likely 1/8 coon hound. He lived in an underground racing community in Ohio until he was taken in and placed in a foster home. He has an fun loving personality and is friendly and happy. Justin is ready for adoption! UPDATE: Justin has been accepted in to the AGR Heartfelt Hounds Program and will go in to training to be a service dog. If you are looking for a service dog, please email president@azgreyhoundrescue.org