James Bond

Lady Mae (now Dakota)

Lollipop (now Luna)

Lottie (now Maisie)

Mr. Selfridge (now Mr. Holmes)



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Thanks to Team Up For Tucson, we were able to pull two greyhound mixes from Pima Animal Control. And BOTH of these cuties have been adopted.

KermitKermit, now known as Diesel, is a tuxedo, whippet mix who found himself at PACC after being rescued from a hoarding situation. We brought him in to our family mid-July. He has been adopted and is right at home with his new brother Harley, now known as Hero. Note that they are not overly impressed with Cesar.

LilyThis beautiful, 13-year-old Grey-hound mix named Lily was sur-rendered to Pima Animal Control on August 5th. She has already been adopted and will spend her days with Mr. Fry at Sunrise at River Road and her nights lounging on her new Mom's couch.

Trick, AGR service dog in training, is helping Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild, promote Don't Leave Me, an organization that educates the public that Hot Cars Can Kill.

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Daisy now Destiny

Dear little Daisy and the ever adorableButtercup have already found their forever homes!

Congratulations Daisy, who is now known as Destiny.






ButtercupAnd our best wishes to Buttercup, her new sister Ocean, and her new family!







Violet, Daisy's littermate, just found HER forever home. She has 2 brothers and a sister and is happy as can be!






And Rav joins his new family complete with a mastiff brother named Barley.

Congratulations to Violet and Rav and their new families!


ArabellaSaint's racing name was Keeper Saint. He joined the AGR family on May 25th. From the beginning, Saint has been just a big, happy boy that really just wants to be with people. We thought perhaps he would like to be a Heartfelt Hound. But he was a bit too relaxed.


Saint and DadSaint and the pack

Saint met Tom and __, his new Dad and Mom. Saint joined a big family with seven doggie brothers and sisters, five horses, two tortoises, and one parrot.


Saint's Adoption


Penelope Arrives Penelope (Kay Gold Ogden) arrived from the track on May 21st. She was a bit apprehensive.

Penelope is HappyBut she quickly because a happy, silly girl.



Penelope and SusanPenelope was adopted by Susan on July 3rd and lives on a ranch with a big, 20-pound kitty brother named Louie. Penelope like to sniff him and gets alone very well with him.

Every day, Penelope loves walking with her mom and visiting the ranch animals. She is quite easy-going around the other dogs on the ranch. She shows no curiosity about the four horses that she sees several times a day.


ArabellaArabella, whose racing name Keeper Arabella, joined AGR's family on June 20th. She is a beautiful blue brindle girl.

Arabella's DadOn July 3rd, Arabella bid farewell to her litter mate, Cossette, and was adopted by Roxanne and Rick.

Arabella loves playing in her back yard. She has 4 favorite doggie toys that she stores in her bed. She is learning house manners and asks politely to be taken outside to do her business. She is also learning that dinner plates are off limits and that treats are awesome.

Arabella, Roxanne, and RickRoxanne and Rick couldn't be happier with Arabella. They are the perfect family for this beautiful little girl.




Lady Mae (now Dakota)

Lady Mae

Lady Mae's racing name was Dutch Wishes. She joined AGR on May 14th.

Lady Mae met Lorna, Gerry, and her new sisters, Greyhound Halima, and the queen of the house, Carma , and her new brother, Sammy. Lady Mae and Family

Lady Mae also received a new name... her name is now Dakota. Her Mom and Dad say that she is a "Nosy Nellie". She likes to "steal" things that are laying around and take them to another room.

Lady Mae, Lorna, Gerald, and new sisters and brother


We are so happy that Dakota and her new family are doing well!



Lottie (now Maisie)


Lottie retired and joined the AGR family on May 25th. Her racing name was Dutch Lottie. She was such a big baby who just wanted to be a lap dog

Lottie and SteveOn June 19th, Lottie met Santiago and Casey and her future brother, a black lab named Steve. It was love at first sight on all sides.


Lottie and SteveLottie went to an absolutely perfect family for her. She has a brand new name... Maisie.

LottieLottie, Casey, Santiago, and Steve



Lottie is comfy in her new home Lottie and Dad


This is how Maisie spends her time. She loves her new family, especially her brother, Steve!





Lottie and Steve Sleeping


Callie arrives CallieCallie was known as BWG Callie on the track. She joined the AGR family on May 28th. From the start, she was a loving little girl who just wanted to be told how beautiful she is.




Callie, Shea, and BrothersOn June 19th, Callie met her new Mom Shea, and her new brothers, Chance and Dozer. She happily joined the brindle pack.

Callie At HomeOn Callie's first few days in her new home, she thoroughly checked her new house.

Callie quickly banded together with Chance over treat begging and tossing toys around. Callie is a bundle of energy and is always ready to play.

Callie, Chance, and Dozer





Chloe and Jean


Chloe joined our family on June 1st. She was a month away from turning 2. Her racing name was Kay Kay Hollow. Chloe takes herself for a walk



Chloe and HaleyOn June 19th, Chloe met Haley, her new Mom, and her Visla brother and sister, Eva and Gunnar. Chloe is very curious and spends most of the day wandering around the house sniffing and poking about. She gets along really well with Eva and Gunner and is constantly trying to play with them.

Callie and Family











Here's Chloe enjoying her forever home.




Mr Selfridge (now Mr. Holmes)

Mr Selfridge

Mr. Selfridge has a beautiful smile. His racing name was Force, but he wanted to be a star. AGR named him Mr. Selfridge for the PBS show.

Mr. Selfridge and Dad

On June 5th, Mr. Selfridge met Larry and Lisa. Her little siblings, Peanut and Bradley were smitten by this tall, happy boy. He knew from the beginning that he had found his family.


Mr. Selfridge, Larry, Lisa, and Sisters





Mr. Selfridge has been renamed Mr. Holmes, AKA Sherlock because of his curious nature when he arrived at his new home. He watched TV then walked around to the side of it to see if he could find the people.

Mr. Selfridge





Frankie was known as Kiowa Frank Rim on the race track. He was happy to join the AGR family on March 26th.

Frankie, Ed, and As soon as Frankie met Ed, he knew that he was part of a family. He joined his new sister, seven year old Nicki (was Nix). Nicki is a sweet little girl a that loves to play Diva and show her new brother the ropes in his new home. Frankie and Nicki get along great!


Lollypop (now Luna)


Our girl Lollypop retired on March 26th. Her racing name was JSK LollyPop.

Lollypop met her new Greyhound sister, ______, and her new Mom and Dad, Sandy and John.

She is now known as Luna and she loves her new home.Lollipop Meets Her New Sister










James Bond

James Bond


The suave and debonnaire, James Bond, raced under the name of Kiowa Spy Movie. He joined AGR's family on April 23rd.


James Bond went to his foster home to learn how to be a dog. Ed and Barb fell in love with his charms and adopted him soon after.


James Bond and BarbJames Bond and Barb

James Bond's new brothers and sisters include a pig named Vino.