Getting Involved: Volunteer for Arizona Greyhound Rescue

As with most pet-related, non-profit organizations that save lives, volunteerism is vital to our success. There are many soothing hands and dedicated hearts that go into rehoming one dog. AGR realizes that everyone has various amounts of time and skills to offer and we appreciate everyone for their efforts great and small.

Please peruse the list to see where you fit in and what you can do to help. Read more about volunteering for AGR

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Be a Mentor

What does the mentoring program accomplish? It is an attempt to ensure a successful and lasting adoption by providing support, resources, and information to new adopters in the first critical days and weeks of a new adoption.

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Forever Home Notes

Greyhound Mentoring Program

MentorAGR's mentoring program has been successful up to a point but there has been no coordinator at the helm to lend consistency and follow up. As the new mentoring coordinator, you will provide training to ensure that the information being provided to new adopters is as helpful as possible, is the right information in sufficient detail, and is consistent from mentor to mentor and adoption to adoption.

Mentors will be assigned based on geographic area, situation-specific, or perhaps if foster families wish to mentor since they already know the dogs best. Mentors will have a set of guidelines and timelines for contacting the adoptive families. Mentors are knowledgeable, have greyhounds at home/or foster, and are able to deal with almost all of the things that are likely to arise from an adoption. Behind this initial group are a few more volunteers who are experts in a specific area, like behavioral issues. Experts are available to mentors and adopters as an additional resource for assistance.

Please contact the AGR President to become a mentor.