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Every greyhound needs a home, but not every home needs a greyhound. We do not adopt our greyhounds as first come first served; but rather, we make an educated and conscientious attempt in matching the right dog with the right home.

In an effort to match each greyhound with his or her best possible home, Arizona Greyhound Rescue has a multi-step adoption process that allows our volunteers to get to know potential adopters, and to provide the information and support necessary to ensure a successful placement. Read more about the adoption process

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Courtesy Post: Shay

ShayName of Owner/Rescuer : Elisa Marusich
Address: 3090 N. Cardi Ave., Tucson AZ, 85716
Telephone: (520) 647-4447
Email: elisa.marusich.dvm@gmail.com
Best time for prospective adopter to call : After 6 pm, M-F. Weekends after 12 pm

ShayDog’s Name: Shay
Approx. Age: 2 yrs
Sex: Female, spayed
Breed or Description: Flat Coated
Retriever Mix
Size: Large
Color: Black with White spot on chest
Approx. Weight: 60 lbs

ShayShots up to date? Yes
Medical records available? Yes
Microchipped? Yes
On heartworm and Flea/Tick prevention? Yes
Known Health Problems: None
Diet/ Brand(s) used? Orijen's Six fish, dry kibble
House Broken? Yes
Asks to go out? Yes
Doggy Door? Currently does not have access to one, but has used one.
Leash trained? Yes
Obedience trained? Basic commands, trained at home
Crate Trained? No
Fear of storms or other things? None Known
Gets along with other dogs? In home No, on walks Most
Gets along with Cats? No
Kids? Has been around 12 and 15 year olds, unknown with younger kids
Where dog sleeps at night? Likes to sleep on the bed if allowed or will sleep on the couch.


Shay was surrendered to me as her veterinarian /family friend when her owners relationship ended and neither no longer wanted her or could take her to their new home. She is amazingly sweet with all people, quiet, very gentle on leash and during play. She is not destructive with her toys. She rarely barks/vocalizes unless she needs to go outside.

Shay is very ball/fetch driven, she will play until she drops so her owner must know when to stop. She can become obsessed with running water, will chase water from hose, play in running water and swim. She is not in your face needy but likes to be where her people are, she may rest a paw on you when resting, and will not initiate snuggles and belly rubs but likes them. She LOVES ear massages.

ShayShay is prey driven will chase anything small that moves fast: cats, rabbits, lizards, birds, laser toys and light reflections She needs moderate activity and is used to living in an apartment but is at her best with getting at least 1-2 miles of walks in per day and getting to play fetch at least twice a day for 10-15 min. She has good endurance for outdoor activities like trail walks, river walks but loves being a couch dog the rest of the time.

ShayShay has had quite a bit of turmoil and upheaval in the past 6 months which started when the person she was most attached to moved away. She was left with her other original owner but they did not have the time or inclination to do many things with Shay. She was moved from place to place for a few months and then was brought into Pima Animal Control as a stray when someone found her roaming the streets. Lucky for her, her microchip information led PAC back to me and I had her released to me when it was discovered that her last owner no longer wanted her. Throughout this period Shay remained open hearted to strangers but slightly nervous in general and has become more guarded around other dogs. Having consistency and love with me has helped tremendously but the work is not done. She needs someone who understands her need for love, consistency and commitment and in return they are going to have an amazing, loyal companion.